Internet Telephony System

The Internet telephony system is a sounding hardware and software that enables us to use “Internet” being the transmission medium for making long distance telephone requests. It provides free telephone calls to anywhere across the world to the users who have free or fixed line internet access.

Internet telephony refers to the use of your public internet for voice transmission. That is, it enables the subscriber of an Internet Service to use his computer to make long distance calls. The quality of that telephone service is not at par with the direct telephone connections confirmed.

We can make telephone calls over the Internet in two ways as follows:

1. In this way, we use our computer and special hardware not to mention software to make calls so that one can communicate via the PC.
2. In second way which often popular as Internet Telephony, where one make a phone call as one does normally using a regular telephone except the voice call is routed over the web rather than through the normal phone service.

Internet telephony usually cuts the money necessary making long distance phone calls. The revolutionary an important part of using is the internet to make phone calls from your very own PCs is the price. Which is virtually equals to zero or free. Here the user pays only for the internet charges which are very nominal as in case of web browsing or sending a message. User needn’t actually have to pay for the htc desire call itself.

Here one user can make call to around the globe. Internet telephony makes use of the Internet Protocol (IP) which allows the computers to communicate with the other person throughout the world which has got basic connection to the internet at least.

In today’s market there are various software available which facilitates such features along the lines of Skype, Gtalk, Cool Talk, NetMeeting, etc.. Many other applications will be coming as bundled with the Web Browser and various other standalone products. Internet telephony products are sometimes described as IP Telephony, Voice over the Internet (VOI) and / or Voice over IP (VOIP). It is transported through Internet rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This offers the flexibility of sending Voice Call, FAX, SMS, and so.

There are three types of Internet telephony structure basically used. These are, software based VOIP, Vigorous IP Phones, mobile & integrated VOIP. The main disadvantage of Internet telephony as the service will disrupt whenever a power failure.