Warning Signs for Trailer Repair

Having a trailer requires you to always make sure the ongoing maintenance and reparation in order to make it long lasting. However, if you have just bought your first trailer, chances are you may not be too aware about the checklist you need to make so you will know for sure the exact time to repair your trailer. So, here are some points I made which may be useful as a checklist or some early warning signs to alert you about your trailer reparation.

Expiration date of the inspection sticker

Checking the safety inspection sticker to look at its expiry date is most likely the easiest thing you can do at this point. Usually, the sticker is attached on every licensed trailer which operates within public roads. Depends on your local or state regulation, a trailer may have to be reinserted annually (like in America) or just before the expiry date on the trailer inspection stickers.

Tire defects

If there are any leaks or bulges on your tire, it may be an immediate hint for you to repair or buy new trailer tire and rims. When you drive for long hours, make sure that every few hours you hit the tire using a hammer to see whether it is flat or has a low air.

Air leaks

Once you notice there are air leaks, fix it as soon as possible to prevent more expensive expenses for reparation. Choose to fix air brakes in a shop instead of along the highway side as it would be cheaper.

Something is wrong with the brake

If you feel that your brake does not working the way it used to, you should check the auto adjust system (if any), or you may also take it to be repaired.

Flickering lights

The flickering trailer lights may most likely a sign of electrical shortage or failure. It can also caused by the loose connection of wires. However, it is crucial to get it fixed to avoid any potential accident.