Zap Acne Away with Light Therapy

Do you have acne skin problems that cost you your social and personal life? Do you want to live an acne-free life and be a confident new person? Many teenagers and young adults with acne problems often feel embarrassed by their acne. Many of them avoid social settings and events in which they have to mingle with others. They often hide away their face by growing their hair long, and thus people often perceive them as shy and unfriendly individuals. A new Acne Light Therapy that you can use at home can be a great alternative to visits to a dermatologist.

In the past, acne light therapy was only available at doctors’ office/ dermatology clinics. People with acne were usually given lotions or anti acne solutions that were made of various different chemicals that could cause dryness and irritation, among others. Today, you can find portable Acne Light Therapy device that can be used at home, sold at popular stores including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Shoppers Drug Mart. Portable Acne Light Therapy device makes use of blue LED light.

Scientists have found that blue LED light has phototoxic effect to P.acne bacteria, the bacteria that cause acne. It is the 414nm blue LED light that helps to clear blemishes and prevent future outbreaks. Hence, with regular use, you can even prevent breakouts from occurring. You can search online for information, related to blue LED light acne light therapy, and get your own acne light therapy device to zap away your acne!