Microsoft puts its ‘signature’ on PCs

Although Microsoft does not have a PC, the software maker an active role in adjusting precisely what the computers it sells through its online and is in retail.

In his new role as a provider of PC is to load the Microsoft computers with what he calls his experience Microsoft signature – a collection of Microsoft products, including the entire Windows Live Suite, Security Essentials antivirus product, Zune Jukebox software and Bing 3D map, as well as Adobe Flash and Adobe Acrobat Reader product. Internet Explorer 8 is the browser, with Bing as the search provider by default.

The computers will be sold in retail stores two of Microsoft – the Scottsdale, Arizona, store which opened last week and Mission Viejo, Calif., outlet, that opening day Thursday. The software giant is also selling PCs in the U.S. via its online store from Microsoft.

The goal of the effort of signing, the customer feels that Microsoft is the best experience they have software on a PC.

“The signing gives them a PC that is ready to work,” said Microsoft Chief Technology Strategist of retail sales in an interview Kevin Eagan. “We believe that we really develop the potential of Windows 7.”

Microsoft is not fully decided on what system. Computer manufacturers may have software that takes advantage of certain hardware-specific features into account, but there is no place for a demonstration or “crapware.

“Like other retailers define (this is) on their PC, we have the same close cooperation with our (computer manufacturers do) partner,” said Eagan.

As part of the store experience, Microsoft will help our employees, customers, other software they want installed – products, even from a competitor such as Apple’s iTunes. You can also use the browser or search provider default, before they leave the store, “said Eagan.

“We want to give our customers what they want to store up to 100 percent satisfied,” said Eagan.

Eagan said that Microsoft only takes advantage of customization options that other retailers also have available to them and said the company does not expect to regulatory concerns.

“We have every confidence that this is what we have made a different choice for the customer,” he said. “We believe that choice is good for the Advanced Client.”

Those who already have a PC, but live in the shops from Microsoft can bring in their PC and have the Microsoft Security Essentials software, added at no charge.

Windows 7 Hits the Market

NEW YORK – Although the U.S. official launch event is a few hours, the operating system Windows 7, Microsoft has come on the market, will be available in a number of countries around the world.

Microsoft executives have fanned out to launch the flagship of the company on which the rest of the Redmond Empire was built to celebrate. The software giant is based on positive feedback and new features to Windows to its image in the face of a disappointing response to Windows Vista to help you.

Microsoft is touting the value of Windows in the face of a resurgent Apple. Through the introduction of Microsoft celebrates its seven days of trafficking in a number of key markets, including the United States. Among the specialties is a set of $ 1,200 from Hewlett-Packard and Best Buy, a netbook, laptop, computer, monitor, and includes routers, and the installation in the house.

“The Best Buy offers a Home Makeover,” Microsoft Vice President Tami Reller told CNET News. “For the price of a Mac, you have a new laptop, a new netbook, a new office and a new router to do so through the Geek Squad.

In addition to landing on the new PC, Microsoft will also sell standalone versions of Windows 7, will be used to enable them to upgrade an existing PC. Although Microsoft offers half-dozen different flavors of the OS at all, Redmond is focusing its energies on two versions – the versions of Home Premium and Professional.

It will sell both a full version of the operating system that can be used on any hardware and upgrade to be used on other PCs. Although both Windows XP and Windows Vista can be upgraded to Windows 7, but Vista can not be rolled back and re-install both programs and data.

A flash of consumer marketing will accompany the launch of Windows 7 is Microsoft’s “I’ma PC” campaign, with the average user, the various aspects of the new operating point of the representation of their idea.

Microsoft plans to launch a formal event here with CEO Steve Ballmer (CNET News, the cover 11 clock and live) event. The software maker opens its first retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona, and a “Windows-CafĂ©” in Paris.

Steven Sinofsky, the divisional president, who led development of Windows 7, will chair the Japanese launch of the product, while designer Julie Larson-Green at a ceremony in London.

Microsoft employees in Redmond’s building 37 map distance ring opening of Nasdaq on Thursday, while Microsoft and its partner managers to ring the closing bell.(cnet)

New Apple MacBook

If you’re in the market for a decent laptop, while the things Apple is a little more interesting – again – with the announcement of a new MacBook.

Apple’s new glossy white MacBook unibody enclosure is made of plastic in a model of 13 inches, from 799 euros upwards, depending on spec.

The screen is backlit LED display and the machine has a glass multitouch trackpad, previously available only on more expensive MacBook Pro models spritelier.

MacBook gizzards

Inside Apple’s new MacBook is 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo available to 2 GB of RAM (expandable to 8GB), an NVIDIA 9400 GPU and a 250GB SuperDrive with double-layer support.

On the side of the machine you will find the usual Ethernet port, some USB ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

“The new MacBook contains many of the salient features of the innovative MacBook Pro, as an LED-backlit, glass Multi-Touch trackpad and built-in battery for a long time said, ‘showed Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing claimed.

“The only line of notebooks, all with unibody enclosure, LED-backlit display technology and long battery life, there has never been a better time to switch to a Mac.”

250GB PS3 Slim

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced Thursday that a new 250GB version of the PlayStation 3 Slim is November 3 for $ 349.99. The PS3 hardware are also the same as the 120GB version of the Slim, which costs $ 50 less. Console Maker will also continue to sell, which is physically larger, the earlier model of the PS3, either with an 80 GB or 160 GB hard drive.

Install 130GB of additional storage in the 250 GB model gives PS3 owners more room for downloaded movies, play / backup, music and photos. According to Sony, “over 600 million pieces of content have been downloaded from the internet [the] updated PlayStation Network: September 2009.” (Note: “nothing” Content questions about 5MB, HD movies, recording gigabytes Storage could be.) For many of the extra space will prevent users to backup these files on external drives if they have no place or manually replace the hard drive included with most anything.

The increase should not be surprising if most players. He arrived just in time for the Christmas season, where console manufacturers are selling more hardware than any other time of year. Also at the Tokyo Game Show last month gave the company a special version of 250 GB console with the release of Final Fantasy XIII coincides. In a word, then Australia would get a 250 GB version of its own. There were also pictures allegedly leaking package holiday blog Engadget were acquired representation 250GB versions of the console with games like Uncharted 2 comes out this week.

Adobe Exploit Puts Backdoor on Computers

New Zero-Day Exploit targeting Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat 9.1.3 and earlier of Adobe Systems, is a backdoor on the computer using JavaScript, researchers at Trend Micro warned Friday.

Trend Micro identified as a Trojan horse “Troj_Pidief.Uo” in a blog entry to use synchronized. It comes as a PDF file with JavaScript-based malware, “Js_Agent.Dt”, and then falls as a backdoor Bkdr_Protux.Bd.

The exploit affects Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Server 2003, according to Trend Micro.

The blog entry provides technical details on the operation of malware, including activity of shell code, the piece of code that provides the payload. The JavaScript code is used to execute arbitrary code in a technique called “cluster known to carry syringes.”

“According to our results, the shell-code (ie sprayed Heap) jumped to a different shell code in the PDF file before you extract and run the back door, then Trend Micro. The backdoor is also integrated in the PDF and not the usual file downloaded from the Internet. “

Variants of Protux backdoor generally offer an attacker unrestricted access to the user level with a compromised computer and use vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office, Trend Micro.

Adobe announced Thursday that it is an update to fix the hole on Tuesday released the same day that the Microsoft patches Tuesday.