Windows 7 will give boost to PC hardware

Windows 7 will be more than just a better interface. Under the hood changes will make chips from Intel, Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices for 7 to ratchet performance on Windows operating systems Microsoft earlier.

Microsoft announced Wednesday it has completed the code of Windows 7, you sit with the new PC from the ship October 22. Improvements include the way Windows handles multi-tasking, graphics acceleration and drives solid state.

Windows 7 will enable better performance for multitasking; graphics acceleration and drives solid state

Windows 7 will enable better performance for multitasking, graphics acceleration and solid state disks.
(Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is working closely with Intel, whose chips are the vast majority of PCs with Windows 7 power. A July 22 Post by Joakim Lyalya Intel, Alliance Manager for Microsoft, described how Microsoft and Intel saw “unique opportunities to optimize Windows 7 for Intel processor technology in the areas of performance, power management and graphs.

In his blog, focusing on Lyalya improvements based on multi-tasking “SMT Parking ‘which provides additional support for the Windows-7-Scheduler for Intel Hyper-Threading Technology is available. With Hyper-Threading, the system Operating processor offers a unique heart two processor cores. For example, a quad-core system would be seen with eight cores, possibly improving multi-tasking – or the tasks (threads) simultaneously.

Hyper-Threading is back in fashion at Intel after withdrawal of Intel Core 2 chips (it debuted in the Pentium 4). Nehalem Core “i” series processors Hyper-Threading, because none of atom chips. Intel, in fact, now includes Hyper-Threading in the heart of a specification to chip. The Core i7-975 processors, for example, is recorded as “4 cores, 8 threads.

Lyalya also reported improvements in startup time and shutdown. “Our common goal was to calculate the reaction fastest possible experience.” (Lyalya ‘blog war in einem PC-Welt Artikel zitiert.)

Windows 7 will also do more than in previous operating systems with graphics – and here, DirectX 11 is characterized as the most anticipated technology. An AMD recent blog describes a “beast called tessellator … game developers to create smoother, less blocky and organic looking objects in games. “The blog describes how DirectX was redesigned” to ensure that it is much more efficient “with multicore processors, such as AMD’s Opteron chip.

In addition to games, has the potential of Windows 7, a graphics processing unit (GPU) from AMD and Nvidia make a all-purpose computing engines, used to speed up tasks such as daily work at the computer d a processor. In particular, “the calculation Shader” can be used for more general tasks of speed. The key word to describe this technology is a mouthful: GPGPU, or General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit.

April in an interview described Sumit Gupta, Product Manager for the NVIDIA Tesla GPGPU in detail. “What this means for consumers is essentially when the laptop has a GPU from ATI or Nvidia GPU, it will be faster for the OS because the OS will see essentially two processors in system. This is the first time you go into the operating system see, the GPU computes the two graphics chips and a driver, “he said.

Gupta gave an example of application is started. “For example, if you run (Google) Picasa, which is fully executed on the processor. (But) the minute you select an image and apply a filter, the filter will be executed on the GPU, “he said.

Another beneficiary of the improved technology Windows 7: The discs in the solid state, which are generally faster than hard drives and higher niche markets such as ultra mobile PCs end gaming PCs and servers.

These systems can leverage technology called Windows 7 Trim command. In a recent interview Troy Winslow, marketing manager for the NAND Products Group at Intel explained the importance of Windows 7 Trim command, which removes the empty area on a solid-state drive.

Even when deleting data blocks on a disk solid state disk looks like it is still full, according to Winslow. Trim allows you to get these blocks to re-release and sustained performance. Each player will deteriorate somewhat over time. With its trim, you’ll be able to stay longer in Europe than the pristine, “he said.

Microsoft’s hand forced on open-source driver release

Microsoft has unleashed a deluge of comments earlier this week when he published three drivers under GPL v2, as part of Linux. The main purpose of which seemed to have Windows Server Hyper-V and more effective than the virtualization foundation for guest operating systems Linux.

I was less shocked by the news than others. It looked like a business move to smart from Microsoft to continue to refute the reality and appearance did not play well with other operating systems and tools. From a practical point of view provides the technology for Linux, with which it had been better with Windows pretty much made in the form of open source. Meanwhile, Microsoft today much to accept the fact that, like it or not, Linux is going to mount on many of his clients and they have to live with.

Thus, making the driver seemed to make much sense, and then it was certainly a big step on the part of Microsoft, it certainly was not in contradiction with the recent attitude of the company on open source, especially since that Sam Ramji boarded to be senior director of strategy platform.

But it is, there is another layer of history.

On Monday, Stephen Macht Hemminger an announcement on his blog, Network Journal plumber. Stephen is a senior engineer with Vyatta, an open source manufacturers of network infrastructure. Vyatta ago, he was with the Open Source Development Labs (and then the Linux Foundation) and was one of the biggest contributors to Linux kernel code (PDF).

This myth started when a user asked on the forum Vyatta on Hyper-V network driver in the kernel Vyatta. A little Googling found the necessary drivers, but on closer inspection, there was a problem. The driver has two components open-source have been under the GPL and are statically linked to several binary components.

The GPL does not allow mixing of closed and open source components, so this was a flagrant violation of the license. Instead of noise, my goal was to solve the problem; I turned to Greg Kroah-Hartman. Since Novell is a (too) has a close cooperation with Microsoft, has been my hope that Greg was able to prod to get the right people to solve the problem.

It took longer than expected, but Microsoft has finally decided to do the right thing and release the driver.

Despite a brief historical background, which is under GPL believes Linux static linking – the combination of components of a software developer – a work of “derivatives” of components. There are a variety of complex nuances and ambiguities, but for our purposes, the bottom line, if you statically link GPL libraries or other GPL code in your program, the entire program must be released under license LPG.

What Microsoft did not.

I had a conversation with Stephen Hemminger, who reported the first potential problem with the drivers from Microsoft, and he gave me some additional technical features. According to Stephen, called the issue revolves around a Linux kernel feature that EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL May interfaces for modules with a GPL compatible license must be marked. From the perspective of Stephen had proprietary code from Microsoft for some of these interfaces, which was “the kernel does not use non-GPL [code].”

Most likely a violation of the GPL, but hardly one that is just blatantly flouted the law. And the point of view, Hemminger, when Microsoft was aware they were eager to solve “. He said he discovered the first of March, four months is really quick fix things as in large enterprises.

Greg Kroah-Hartman, who is a colleague at Novell and is very supportive of open source to Hyper-V drivers are involved, certainly seems to think that the problem with the license has played a role in the decision by Microsoft. In an email exchange with Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, he wrote:

MJF [Mary-Jo Foley]: Hemminger said that Microsoft has LIC code under GPL, because they violated the GPL. Is this true? Do you (Microsoft Platform Strategy Chief Sam) Ramji & Co., they bring the violation to do so, you agree to release the code under GPL 2?

GKH [Greg Kroah-Hartman]: I do not beat, “” Nothing, I just had to just point out the obvious situation)

MJF: Is it wrong, you could let me know how to comment (Hemminger’s) on his blog to interpret.

GKH: No, it sounds fair.

Microsoft itself has not ruled on the issue.

From what we know at this point, I draw several conclusions. The first is that if Microsoft was that Microsoft five years ago, she found a way, the problem did not cause its code to Linux under the GPL are mitigated.

In some respects, it is now philosophically adapted to work with Linux in a way that was not on when Sam Ramji predecessor, Martin Taylor, could be described as a “top Microsoft anti-Linux in general.”

That said, it seems more likely that their little license problem, where at least one function by forcing them to pass their contributions under the GPL.

History of the Internet and Computers

Perhaps the invention of the internet is one of the greatest inventions of the modern world. In today’s world, we can not imagine life without them, it can use for personal or professional, we’ll leave All Out so hard. The Internet has changed the face of how companies do business in the current period and how people interact with each other. For convenience, speed, convenience and cost purposes, it is now the most effective means of communication or technology around the world.

Is it the social, economic, cultural and even political use, is not life-changing technology affects us all in some form. Even if we are all so heavily dependent on the Internet, but experts say what we see today as a technology is only a tip of an iceberg. So in short, we can say of the Internet as technology has affected all of us and also continue to affect both in the years to come. Gone are the days when the Internet was intended for commercial or HI-tech were the people, now he is promoting a common household, without which we can not support even a single day. Almost every day we hear a success or an invention or another, and yet the story continues.

Another important invention before the advent of the Internet was the invention of the computer. Frankly, when it comes to the history of computing, there is hardly a single person who could be named as an inventor. But the first attempt, which paved way for modern computer was Konrad Zuse. Most researchers and experts believe that computers by Konrad Zuse Z1, the birth of several innovations that finally emerged were the modern computer. It is believed that these German scientists in 1936, the first programmable device computing facilities, which later the entire programmable device with the computer name is created.

An Era Of Online Gaming

It may seem like a ritual statement, but it is true, has the largest population of online gaming as an activity for youth in the 21 Century considered.

A change in consumer demand has also begun and the underdeveloped countries are adapting to change that. The reason Know Well, thanks to technological advances and the growing needs of customers where the customer always has the latest progress and want more and more for what you pay for. This technological advancement, the best computer peripherals, high-band connection, playground 3-dimensional on-line interaction with millions of users around the globe count is an uprooted the lowest E-business is that online gaming.

One could characterize this as a word that has addicted millions of young people around the world thought that now appears not only a passion to do, but to use an imperative for all the children there.

For a second, then give us a time to this. Answer me when was the last time we heard a young raised by their parents to buy a cricket kit, when was the last time we saw our boys to attend a sporting event. Now you will first stop for a minute before this issue. This has changed. We find ourselves in a situation where the simplest answer to the question leads us to believe, from what we’re trying to say.

You Got Me and everyone there knows that kids want products of high technology, they are involved in the virtual rather than physical games and gaming technology with the introduction to each day, they come with even more of different lists, but some 3D map behalf, ram, gaming keyboards, gaming mouse, etc.

Gone are the days when you used to save money so that a kit of cricket or football than what we see today can be bought, too, that such things instead of young people would rather save money to buy high technology products.

There will be more computers than sports custom, or it will be a battle of the virtual disk with physical media. One can only hope the best of what the future will have to endure this kind of game where we would all agree that this makes the transition with technology is always a good sign, but what happens when technology brings us all to avoid physical activity and forces us to sit and relax in a warehouse filled and connected to virtual activities like games, an electronic medium?

Understanding HDMI

What is HDMI?

HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface is the first and only industry-supported, all-digital audio / interface for data transmission of uncompressed digital video. As an alternative to standard analog consumer connects HDMI digital audio / video sources such as PC, Blu-ray, audio-video receivers, video game consoles and DVD cases – to compatible devices. On a single HDMI cable is compatible with any PC or TV video format with up to 8 channels of pristine digital audio.

Today, more than 700 companies in the consumer electronics division will be adopted and implemented have new versions of the HDMI specification.


Image Quality: Compared to other connections, HDMI offers picture quality that is now available. It can handle the high-definition video up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second, which is the format of the most intensive bandwidth video currently available on the market.

Audio quality: In addition to superior image quality, easy to handle HMDI, even the highest resolution such as audio Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It supports up to eight audio channels with 24 kHz bit 192nd The only connection type that can deliver the same quality are multichannel analog audio cable channels, but you need to run up to eight separate lines, just to get the same quality.

Intelligence: Added more intelligence into an entertainment system at home, it is more efficient and easier to use. With HDMI interface enables new features like a game of touch and automatic configuration. A game allows users to touch on all the devices are for playback by pressing a single button.

Ease of use: HDMI is a single cable, which generally take several cables. Finally, the cost of HDMI, eliminating confusion and complexity of multiple son. These functions are particularly useful when you upgrade or add equipment.

HDMI & Entertainment Systems

The specific arrangements affect the HDMI interface, as we are with our components in the set-up. Because an HDMI cable can replace several analog cables, the process of setting up home theater systems greatly simplified. Because two-way communication capabilities, components that are connected via HDMI constantly talk to each other in the background so that the content is best delivered in the format without user intervention lot.

HDMI Cable

The standard DVI cables were originally developed for PC using an HDMI cable designed specifically for consumer electronics such as DVD players, digital TVs. Manufacturers began to produce both standard and high-speed HDMI cable. Standard cable typically at speeds of 75 MHz runs, over a broadband cable typically at a speed of 340MHz. The HDMI standard, two other important channels: CEC (Consumer Electronics Control Channel) and DDC (Display Data Channel).

Uses the HDMI CEC feature two-way communications for remote control enables individual, such as touch-games already mentioned. Since the CEC is an option that consumers do not have to look at the product-feature list.

HDMI technology has been designed to use standard copper cable construction at long. However, the signal strength tends to deteriorate over long cables. The maximum cable length recommended is about 33 meters.


Note that if you connect to a DVI-enabled device that does not support HDCP, then a DVI port on your path to an HDMI connector is the power of HDMI-enabled device to downgrade the high definition video content at standard resolution.

When you buy an HDMI cable is included in the price is not necessarily a role in your decision. A $ 10 generally, cables probably as good as his counterpart at $ 50.

HDMI cables can have two types of connections: a compact connector type A 19 pin, and a slightly larger 29-pin-B are HDMI port. The second allows making use of the configuration dual HDMI connection, which doubles the maximum transfer rate.

Later versions of the HDMI technology supports for the one-bit audio formats Super Audio CD (SACD) use Direct Stream Digital.


How much bandwidth do you need? The bandwidth for a specific resolution is required, governed by the discount rate and removal of the monitor. The following formula is used to calculate the specific bandwidth:

Bytes = refresh rate resolution X x [1 + Blanking Period] bps

(When the punching cycle is the sum of horizontal and vertical intervals of deletion)

For example, we consider the highest standard of HDTV sets today: HDTV 1080p 60Hz video signal with an interval of 16% of all shearing. This means that the bandwidth required for 1920 x 1080 x 60 x [pixels equivalent to 1 +, 16] = 144.4MHz or 144.4 million / sec

Are the new HDMI versions compatible with earlier versions? Yes, all HDMI versions are fully backwards compatible with previous versions, including DVI-enabled devices.

Can I use my existing HDMI version? From now on, it is not possible to update. If such changes were possible in the future, it would be directly by the manufacturer.